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Intuitive Development Classes and Workshops

Our intuitive development classes and workshops are offered on an ongoing basis. The basic classes in Meditation, Healing, Female Energy and Male Energy are 6 week class, meeting once a week for six weeks. Most of our workshops meet once or twice and present a special focus on that particular topic, for example, Cleansing Your Living Environment, or How To Improve Your Relationships. These workshops present the student with specific techniques and concepts on the given subject.

Female Healing Clinic

March 24, 2018 12pm

Contribution $10.00

Our Female Clinic is a space for women by women.
You can ask questions you may need insight on such as:


* Why does my creative space feel stuck?

* Is this relationship right for me?

* How can I lose weight?


The female readers will take a look at the energy in the form of a color and a picture. They will then do an energy healing so that your own energy can flow more clearly in those areas to bring for a healing.


This is a fun and informative space that is all about you!


Readings/healing take about 10 minutes and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Extended female energy readings are available by appointment.

Female Healing Clinic 

Mondays  7:00-8:00pm Berkeley
Saturdays 12-2pm Berkeley 
$10 Donation
Female healings/readings are available in Berkeley at the clinics on Mondays and Saturdays.


Donation $10, Register on-line

Psychic Reading Day

March 31, 2018 11-2pm

Female Speciallty Readings Offered
A day of psychic readings especially for women. Get some insight into how your energy is flowing and how it affects your day to day life and interactions with others. Get a sense of your emotional and spiritual well being by understanding what colors and picturess show up in your aura. Get valuable feedback to your questions. Healing work available. 

Easter Church Service

April 01, 2018 11am

Easter Church service celebrates resurrection, regeneration and renewal. It is also a celebration of faith, of understanding the inner and outer meanings of our relationship with the God of our heart, as brought to life in the death and resurrection of Jesus. At the Academy we take a deeper look at the events surrounding the resurrection and through mediation and communion we come to a more intimate relationship with the Divinity that lives inside each of us. Prayer, meditation and song all add to the celebration of life in our services.

Updating Your Relationships

April 04, 2018 7pm

Contribution $35.00

Update the energy in your relationships in the special workshop.

Just as a sculptor carves away stone to reveal the beauty laying within, we can clear out the old, energies of past relationships to free us to be more loving in the now. Learn to be present with your current partner by cleaning out the energy of the past.

Donation $35, Register on-line

Healing 2
in Berkeley

April 28, 2018 12pm

Contribution $225.00

A continuation of Healing I, you will learn more powerful techniques for healing. The healing classes are a hands-on practice experience. By feeling the human aura you will be able to help the individual release foreign energies that may be causing stress or discomfort in their life. Come and practice what you\'ve learned in the Healing Clinics! Pre-requisite: Healing I

Donation $225, Register on-line

Meditation 2

April 28, 2018 12pm

Contribution $225.00

A six week calls that continues the meditation journey that began in Meditation 1. You will experience an increase in certainty through regular practice of grounding, blowing roses (creating and destroying at the energy level) and running energy. You will also learn new techniques that will enhance your ability to call back your life force energy from people, places and conditions, as well as release those energies that are not yours, and which impede the flow of your own energy and ability to set and create goals.
Your awareness of spirit and the divine self within grows through weekly practice in class and daily practice at home.

Donation $225, Register on-line

Church Service

May 20, 2018 11 am

Reflection, meditation, joy, song and celebration all combine to make this time perfect to say hello to your connection with the God of your heart. It is so easy to be distracted by the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Give to yourself and enjoy the company of people gathering together to experience union with the Divine.

Prayer Requests  Visit our prayer request website. The power of prayer, healing and mockups or goals is talked about in all scriptures but can be summed up very easily. Where two or more are gathered in my name (nature) there I am. In other words the power comes from the agreement to collectively ask and receive power from the Divine Consciousness. Visit and ask for help. We do prayer work every day on what people send to us. 

Give us a call at 800-642-WELL, or email us, if you'd like more information. Freedom is the essence of life!

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