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About Us
We at the Academy believe in psychic empowerment for everyone.
You have the power, so learn how to use it! Since 1982, we have taught
thousands of people in beginning classes and our Clairvoyant Training Program how
to incorporate spiritual techniques and concepts into their daily life for positive

Our staff of teachers, healers, and readers is very dedicated, experienced,
and happy to help you open up your world to all that you are capable of
and are interested in.

The Academy for Psychic Studies has been teaching people about their
spiritual self and intuitive abilities since 1982. Whether you
walk in to a beginning level meditation or healing class, the first thing
you are told and taught about is that you are a spirit. All of our
extensive training is based upon that premise.

By learning about the spiritual side of you, you discover the many
talents that you have as a spiritual being. Most people’s spiritual talents lay dormant to them.
This is like being able to use a very small portion of your brain. Your life definitely opens up in many wonderful ways when you utilize your talents, or abilities.
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