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Intuitive Readings
An Aura Reading is all about you! It can help you understand your experiences, creativity, and opportunities. This is our most popular reading and it touches on many levels. It can help you see yourself and your life more clearly. Enjoy a new level of communication. Give validation to yourself as spirit in a body!
Readings are available by appointment
10 minute
30 minute
60 minute 
Readings Offered:
  • Aura or Life Reading
  • Next Step In Growth
  • Relationship
  • Prosperity
  • Past Life
  • Female Energy
  • Male Energy
  • Body/Being Communication
  • Spirit Guides
  • Dream Reading
  • Kundalini Reading
Phone Readings
A psychic reading and healing performed over the phone is a great way to receive information about what is going on in your life. Our trained psychics have over two decades of experience. The result of this is neutrality. We read the energy in your aura, and report back to you without bias. Colors, symbols and images in the aura tell a story about what is affecting your soul energy and its outcome in the world. Many people are regulars, calling for information about their work, relationship, and family. Healing work is available upon request. Calls are done in 15 minute increments. $35 per 15 minutes in California, $45 per 15 minutes outside of California.
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