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Spiritual Counseling

A Spiritual Counseling Session is directed at specific issues that are causing difficulty in your life. A trained minister, utilizing their clairvoyance and knowingness can help you break through the blocks in your understanding and help you to resolve these issues. The sessions last about an hour. Writing down questions prior to your appointment will help both you and the minister focus on what is really troubling you. We have found that people experience a new understanding and have an easier time solving their life challenges after a counseling session.

House Readings

Our homes and workplaces are collectors of energy. This can be the residual emotional energy from previous occupants or disincarnate entities. Your body may experience this energy by unexplained anger, lack of focus or uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. To clearly understand this energy and validate your experiences, call and schedule a house/workplace reading. Our trained psychics will come to the reading location and provide you insight and feedback regarding the energy vibrations found there. Energy healing is available upon request.

Salt Rituals

Do you ever feel like you're not alone at home even though no one else appears to be there? Maybe you have had the experience of walking into a particular room and always feeling angry or moody afterwards. These are just a few examples of why it would be beneficial to get a salt ritual done on your home.

Emotional energies and thought patterns can linger places for quite a long time. A salt ritual cleanses these types of energies, so that you can have a fresh, clean environment that you can fill with your happiness and contentment or, basically your own vibration.

Church Services

Once a month the Spiritual Rights Foundation has a church service. These services are to share the metaphysical meaning of what the Bible is all about. It is a book about Spirit and it is really written in pictures, descriptive words that stimulate mental images within us that make it easier to understand what is being communicated. These Church services are designed to get you unstuck on whatever has gotten in between you (Spirit) and your Creator or source. You may have had experiences growing up that have made you lose your faith. Restore your faith by attending a service. Renew yourself, spirit, at the vibration of amusement, by experiencing your life force energy. Regenerate so that you are in love with your life again.

Prayer Request

A prayer request (a mockup) is based on the principle of agreement. Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am. The practitioners work on your mock-up for 7 days, or 40 days depending upon your request. The suggested donation is: $1 for a one-week mock-up, $6 for a forty-day request.

Missionary Work

Perhaps you have a loved one, a family member, friend or neighbor who has need of healing or prayer work. We work with people of all faiths and beliefs. We work at the energy level. You can make an appointment and we will come and visit to do the energy work requested. We have worked with people in hospitals and homes, wherever the need arises.

Hypnosis Services

The tools of hypnosis are effective and practical as an agent of change in your life. You can experience what hypnosis is like by coming to our hypnosis clinic on Monday evenings. You will be guided into hypnosis, where you can bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and establish selective thinking. These ideas are the positive suggestions that will enable you to change habits and create new patterns of thought. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind that we all move into at different times during the day. In hypnosis you can easily access the causes that are behind the patterns and habits you want to change. Stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress and employ mental tools that will allow you to take control of your life in a whole new way. Hypnosis clinic sessions start at $50 per session.

Wedding Services

Our staff of ministers is available to officiate weddings and other religious services. We will work with you to set up the energy vibration, create vows and perform the necessary legal documentation required by the State of California. Spiritual Counseling is available so that you and your future spouse can create a vibration that is right for you.

Phone Services

A psychic reading and healing performed over the phone is a great way to receive information about what is going on in your life. Our trained psychics have over two decades of experience. The result of this is neutrality. We read the energy in your aura, and report back to you without bias. Colors, symbols and images in the aura tell a story about what is affecting your soul energy and its outcome in the world. Many people are regulars, calling for information about their work, relationships, and family. Healing work is available upon request. Calls are done in 15 minute increments. $35 per 15 minutes in California, $45 per 15 minutes outside of California.

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