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Angela Silva

When I was a little girl, I was always sensitive to people's feelings and emotions. I would pick up on what was being said beyond the words. I always wanted everyone to be happy. I was fascinated with the concept of spirit. In 1980 I decided to take a Meditation class; it included the concept of spirit. I was in heaven. Psychic readings, Healing Classes and taking the Clairvoyant Training Program couldn’t have been more perfect. By learning how to go within and getting in touch with my true self, my life changed for the better in many ways. I love reading and sharing what I have learned with over 30 years experience. I am the Director of Spiritual Education, which includes teaching the Clairvoyant Training Program and Female Reading Program. I hosted the Total Prosperity radio show for well over 20 years.

I do Spiritual Counseling and Reading for individuals and couples. I am a founding member of this foundation.

Robin DuMolin

Robin began studying at the Academy for Psychic Studies early in her adulthood and has continued studying throughout the years. She believes you can only be a good teacher if you are first a good student. Robin has taught beginning level classes such as meditation, specialty workshops, the in-depth clairvoyant training program and the minister's class; where the Bible is studied within a metaphysical perspective. She has been a trained clairvoyant reader for many years who also offers spiritual counseling and hypnosis sessions. She loves the learning that occurs when she is teaching and reading.

Rick Greer

I teach the Clairvoyant Training Program in San Jose, as well as other classes and workshops. Seeing the light bulb blaze in new found realization and awareness in my students and hearing them find value in what they are learning keeps me inspired. I started as a student in the basic meditation and healing classes in 1983. My experiences in those classes were life changing and led me to the Clairvoyant Training Program where the process continued. As I did the inner work, my outer circumstances changed. I got free from drugs by the simple and regular use of the meditation, healing and psychic reading techniques and concepts offered at the school.
I was taught and trained to teach with sincerity and amusement. When we come to the conclusion that there are no answers outside us, we will seek within and find the treasure chest that has been stored there since the foundation of time. 
In my treasure chest, I found a greater sense of freedom to be my true self and to see myself in a clear light. I do my best to listen, be compassionate and understanding without taking myself too seriously. I hope this kindles within you a fire to really get to know yourself and your full potential on all levels. I do psychic reading, spiritual counseling and hypnosis sessions by appointment. 

Sherry Kirschner

I’ve been doing energy healings, clairvoyant readings and teaching classes about how spiritual energy affects ones choices in life for almost 30 years. I first became involved with this spiritual path when I was 40 years old, which was considered a bit old to start opening up to this information. I don’t for a moment regret this choice as I have learned such valuable information that it has opened my mind to being a student of life forever. 

One of the things I enjoy doing, to help pass this information to others is teaching mature/senior men and women how to be more comfortable in their bodies. As the body ages, there is no need for our minds to age also. 

Another area that I enjoy focusing on is teaching men how to understand and be around women in a better and healthier way. I have gleaned a lot of information about this and totally enjoy helping men understand. The classes include how to be respected by a woman, how to respect and understand female emotional energy, how to avoid anger outbursts, how to communicate to a woman to help her through a difficult time and will teach different techniques to use to maintain a balanced state of mind.

I have a lot of information packed inside me and would love to pass it on to anyone who would like to listen.

Ross Urrere

Ross is a psychic who does not pull any punches when he reads. He is a psychic renaissance man. He understands the creative soul because he is one. He is a Navy veteran, ex-glass blower, computer networking specialist, gifted maker of incense and perfumes and student of metaphysics for going on thirty years. If you are in pain, or having challenges that are difficult to navigate, a reading with Ross will give you a new direction, a clearer pathway and insight into the choices available to you. Be ready to hear some truth when you come for the reading, you won't be disappointed.

Kay Smith

Kay is an accomplished intuitive reader, healer and teacher. She is practical, has a great sense of humor and lots of life experience that has given her a great deal of wisdom. To her, the phrase,” Spirituality is practicality” is definitely something she lives by. Kay has been studying and practicing intuitive arts for over twenty years. She loves helping people help and heal themselves. Whether she is teaching, healing, or reading, she gives it her all.

She communicates in such a way that she goes right to the heart of the matter. As a teacher she teaches with total certainty so that the information that she is passing on is true because it has worked for her.

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