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Healing Clinics
Monday 7-8:30pm
Saturday 11-2pm
What Is An Energy Healing?
An energy healing is a very simple process that takes about ten minutes. A trained healer can help in the removal of energies picked up from other people, places and conditions that can cause stress, pain or disease. The healer does this by utilizing neutral healing guides to clean the chakras and energy channels of this foreign energy. All the person receiving the healing has to do is relax and receive. Receiving a healing is a way to remove all that does not belong to us and is causing the stress we experience on a daily basis.

Do you have ten minutes? Come in and receive an energy healing.
Six Week Classes ($300 donation)
  • Meditation 1 & 2
  • Female Energy
  • Healing 1 & 2
  • Male Energy
Two Week Workshops ($100 donation)
Workshops that demonstrate applied spirituality:
(Partial list, new offerings occur on a monthly basis)
  • The Abundance Workshop
  • Cleansing your living environment
  • Vision board, the key to manifestation
  • Owning your power as a woman
  • Confidence building, workshop for men
  • Building successful relationships
  • Love and accept your body image
  • Learning to use your intuition

It has been said that,” Meditation is medication for the soul.” You will learn simple tools and techniques that will bring profound results in your life. Learn how to identify your own energy, create definite boundaries between you and other people (so you don’t lose your soul essence). You will have a better rapport between you (spirit) and your body.


What is a healing? Most people experience it as an over all sense of well-being. Receiving an energy healing achieves this sense of well-being. The influences or energies that do not belong to you that you have picked up from other people are cleansed away. At the end of the class, you will confidently be able to heal others and most importantly, yourself.

Female Energy

Female energy is a very powerful and creative force. Understanding and channeling this energy correctly can have so many positive effects in your life. You will learn how to create AND destroy on an energy level, which is essential to your health and vitality. This class will teach you how to let go of the pain in your past and renew yourself so you can move forward in your life.

Male Energy

The techniques and concepts presented in this class are designed to help men live a principled and balanced life. They learn to discern the foreign energies that can intrude into their thoughts and emotions, and use psychic tools to clear out those energies. By practicing this spiritual hygiene they can effectively set and create goals, know their own mind, and have relationships with men and women that are free from competition and conflict.


Retreat events facilitated by the Academy are the ideal way to disengage from your busy daily routine, and re-connect to your life as Spirit. By taking the time to relax your body and clear your mind, you'll gain a fresh new perspective to help restore you for when you return to everyday life. For over 20 years, we have offered healing meditation retreats at our Berkeley Center, and other beautiful locations throughout Northern California. Special retreat events can be tailor made to suit your specific group or company's needs. All of our retreat events are designed to make the difference in your health and well-being. Now is the time to give to You!

Ongoing Clairvoyant Training Program

This is an on-going training program in applied spirituality. Clairvoyance is your ability to, “see clearly”. Learn how to see with the eye of spirit. You will discover how much you already see and know. Focusing and developing your many psychic talents will enable you to read mental image pictures in the aura, chakras and much more. Call us to make an appointment to find out about the Clairvoyant Training Program in Berkeley 800-642-9355

Four and Nine Month Training Programs
In this special four-month training, you learn how to “read” the human aura. The truth is, you’re always tuning into people around you; knowing when a friend is angry or sad without them telling you, having a gut feeling or a hunch about something happening. By learning simple techniques, you will be able to observe colors and symbols in the aura, as well as understand and explain their meaning. In a safe, grounded environment you will gain a keen level of insight about yourself, people and the world around you. Students in the four-month program are able to participate in various psychic reading opportunities and demonstrations. Advanced training is also available.

In the nine-month program the training in reading colors and mental image pictures continues. In addition, there are special lectures on the following subjects that add to the students reading ability and awareness of the metaphysical energies at play in the soul:
  • Body of Glass
  • Creative Rings
  • Spirit Guides
  • Cosmic Cops
  • Akashic Records
  • Genetic Entity
  • Long Distance Healing
  • Transmedium Channels
This is not a complete list of subjects covered but will give the prospective student an idea of the breadth of information available in the advanced training programs.

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